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We Invented the Lighted Arrow Nock

In 1998 after grunting a mature buck into bow range Curtis Price, president of The  Burt Coyote Company, did what every skilled bowhunter has done at times – he missed.  “When I released the arrow everything happened in a heart beat,” Curtis laughed.  “The buck exploded and was gone in a flash.  I knew I had to make every effort to confirm a hit or a miss.  It seemed to take forever to find my arrow but it was as clean as a whistle – a clean miss.”

As I drove home my mind would not stop spinning,” Curtis continued.  “Wouldn’t it be great if I had a nock that lit up allowing me to not only see my arrow in flight but to also mark the location of the arrow if I missed?

The Birth of the Lighted Arrow Nock

My first concept was to use a chemical mix but when I stopped at my brother Eric’s on the way home to tell him my idea, he immediately suggested an LED light and a battery.  Brilliant!  The Lumenok was born.  Like any new idea it was a journey of trial and error.  We shot target with the nocks and hunted with them as well, continually tweaking the design.  Finally, after 17 prototypes and four years of experimentation we filed a patent in 2002 and began production of the Lumenok.  By 2004 Cabela’s and Gander Mountain were carrying Lumenok’s and bowhunters were asking for them in their local archery shops.  Sales were brisk and shortly I quit my job as a union electrician to devote my time to building our company."

All Other Lighted Arrow Nocks are Imitations

Today there is a variety of lighted nocks on the market with various triggering systems.  Some have complicated internal electronic circuitry while others require external proximity magnetic triggers.  Burt Coyote’s approach to the ongoing development of the Lumenok is simplicity. 

We make the brightest, longest lasting, most durable lighted arrow nocks on the market. All others are imitations.