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Lumenok Fitment Guide

Lumenok has you covered when it comes to finding the right lighted arrow nocks or lighted crossbow nocks. 

We make lighted arrow nocks to fit most arrows and bolts that come in a variety of colors, including red, green, and pink.  

On the vertical bow side, we offer our Lumenok GT, Lumenok X, Lumenok H, and Lumenok F lighted nocks.  Our nocks will fit arrow models from the most popular brands like Easton, Beman, Gold Tip, Carbon Express, Black Eagle and more. 
For all the crossbow hunters, Lumenoks are the best selling lighted crossbow nocks on the market!  Our flat, capture, and crescent nocks will fit most crossbow bolts by all the best brands: Easton, Stryker, Beman, Full Metal Jacket, Victory, Excalibur, Tenpoint and more. 


Use the links below to find the right Lumenok lighted nocks for your arrows or crossbow bolts. Don't see your arrows? Contact us at support@Lumenok.com, we have the answers!